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Difficulties Retreiving Data from Dynamics

I have been having some extreme difficulties loading data into Powre BI from Dynamics. Some small tables will load into Power BI after maybe 5 or 10 minutes, but larger tables (60,000 - 150,000 rows) can take hours or days to load. We are expected to be creating live reports for folks in our company, but we can't actually get any of our live data to load in a timely fashion.


This has been attempting using the Get Data / Dynamics 365 (online) and OData Feed functionalities. We are also looking into our own custom FetchXML statements and the Get Data / Azure functionality. I am going to start seperate discussions concerning those, and will link them here when they are created.

Status: New

Hi @jengwt,


I would suggest you file a support ticket here to investigate more.

create ATicket


Best Regards,



I submitted a ticket before I opened this thread. I opened it because, in my experience, the community often knows better than the developer.


If that ticket is resolved, I will update this thread with the resolution and mark an answer.