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Different users see different values on Power BI service (On same dashboard)

Hi All,


I have created a Power BI report which has following calulated column and i have connected to the data source(SQL DB) using Direct Query. I have shared the this report with multiple users and one user has this issue which shows some incorrect numbers while all the others can see correct numbers. Can any one of you have an idea what is happening.


Aging = IF([TABLE1[Reported Date]<=TODAY(),RoundDown(DateDiff(TABLE1[Reported Date],TODAY(),DAY) / 7, 0) * 5 +
Mod(5 + Weekday(TODAY()) - Weekday(TABLE1[Reported Date]), 5))






In correct 






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Hi @maddy,


Have you created RLS role for the dataset related to this dashboard tile? If it does, please check which filter is set in the role and check if the issued user is belong to the same role as other users. 


Also you can suggest the user click on the dashboard tile to view the report to see if the same issue occurs. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

Established Member
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Yes i have created the row level security. And this particular user belong to the same role as other users. But he see incorrect data


Hi @maddy,


Do you only create one RLS one in the report? If there are more than one RLS role, please check if this issued user also belong to another RLS role. 


Also you can Test as Role for this issued user:


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu