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Different results from Power BI Desktop report and Power Bi Online report

Hi, Power BI Online report shows different result than Desktop report. The calculation works just fine for two years of data, and for one day only shows differences. For isntance in this table (Online Report), row 22-07-2020 shows 28 in Column "Egresos".




But in this table (Desktop Report) the same row and column shows 56 




Any idea of what could be happening?


Many thx in advance!

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@NoiseTrader ,


Is Egresos a calculate column or measure? And could you please clarify more details about this issue?



Jimmy Tao

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Hi, thanks for your help.  Is a measure that sums  if there is a date or not in the source. 


Now, I went to the data source, changed manually the date to a day before, refreshed the online service, and I got the correct value, then I put the date again to the original date and again showed me the correct value. So the issue is gone but I think the way to solve it is not the best, as this is a report for a client and refreshes every 3 hours and I'm afraid I can have this problem again.

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If it happens again, try one of the following:

* Refresh the dataset after publishing the changes

* Click the "Revert to Default" button in the upper right corner of the browser. I have seen actual Charts NOT show the latest publishing version, even after clearing the browser cache, until that button in clicked. Wierd, but it happened to two of us on multiple occasions. We saw two different browsers show two different published versions of our report and it wasn't until the "Revert to Default" button was activated did the erroneous browser actuall get the latest published version of the report. 

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Hi @ToddChitt , thanks for your help. I tried both as I looked for solutions in some other posts and followed the advice, but didn't work either. Cheers