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Decomposition Tree Issues

When using decomposition tree the down arrow to show more options doesn't work in the online version so for example if I display max 5 items at a time "Max Bars shown" = 5 in options if there are 10 results you can't use down arrow so show more.

When I do this in Desktop version works fine and was working online version "published report" a few weeks back, but now I get a black box around the decomposition tree box when in focus (in use) and the down arrow will not work (show response like it's being clicked).

At first I thought it was perhaps formatting / data but I created a simple data matrix with default formatting and this also shows same issues, works fine in Desktop but not when published. I additionally tried different browsers to ensure It was not an issue here same issues in Edge (new version), Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and even the PowerBi Windows APP version.

Any suggestion is this a known issue / bug?

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I am experiencing ther exact same issue as descibed here.  Any fix?

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I have raised a ticket with PowerBi team - I'll post back here when I get a response 

Community Support

Hi all, 


The same issue already reported internally: CRI 186937857.  Please test again after Tuesday. See:


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

Community Support
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Same issue here!

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Issue will be resolved this week by PowerBI Team the fix has been applied and will be added to cluster over this week - I was told should be ok by next week