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Dax Calculation Average YTD



hi , i really want this KPIs to be on the right track. 

what i want is : 

*Calculation of Average YTD , on Table and Bar Chart. 


**If i click the filter on Jan + Feb , there will the Average YTD on Bar Chart , And Table Visalization. 
I wish on my table , I have Average YTD at the end of the table ( YOu see the Blank square i draw ) ,there should have  an Average YTD for all KPI. 


** on the Exisiting Bar Chart , the % TY VS LY , aren't meet the expectation. what i want is the average YTD , this should be the right Data. 

Anyone can help me on this ? ??? 

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Hi - using the PBIX you uploaded for another similar question, I can see that you already have the summary YTD variance.  The reason it looked wierd was because multiple years were included in your filter and so it was summing the measures for the two years together.  Once filterd down to just 2018 it looks fine, uncluding the variances to 2017.




Hi @davidcpbi the Grand total originated from BI Metrix is YTD ( Sum all together ) 

it doesn't show the average YTD.  

Any idea on this ? Smiley Happy 


Hi @davidcpbi actually , i want all data to be in average at the grand total by not summing together , 

the data summing together is not what i want . 


Do you have any idea on this ?