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Date slicers are fixed to US date format since Feb 2018 Update

As per the title all basic date slicers are stuck in the US date format and cannot be changed. My regional setting are set to UK and changing this around does not fix the issue.

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I noticed this too this morning after updating to Version: 2.55.5010.521 64-bit (February 2018).

I'm only seeing this in desktop as when publishing to the service they display in UK format.

Regional settings are set to UK.

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Actually we UK bods seem to have also lost all the sensible date format choices on the modelling menu. I use dd/mm/yy at lot but disapepared. We are now given a load of unusual or US format choices. The only UUK one is dd-mmm-yy. there is no point give UK regional choice users a choice of upside down US formats as just confused everyone this side of the pond.


I dont know if thisis related or a differnet issue?



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Since the February 2018 update, I have the same issue.


Application language set to English (United States)

Model language set to Dutch

Locale for import set to Dutch

=> Then I can only choose the US dateformat (M/d/yyyy) and numberformats (99,999.00)


After this with the same file:

Application language set to Dutch

Model language set to Dutch

Locale for import set to Dutch

=> Then I can only choose the NL dateformat (d-m-yyyy) and numberformats (99.999,00)


So since the February update the dateformats and numberformats are no longer depending on the model language but are depending on the application language. Seems to be a bug.



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where do you change the application language please?  

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Under File > Options and setting > Options

Under Global > Regional settings


This option is only available in the version downloaded from the windows store.

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I get my updates from the power bi link when the updates flashes up so is that different?  I only have a regional settings for current file nothing under the global bit of options?

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Yes, that is the difference. This option is only available in the version installed from Windows Store.


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wierd. why would it be different. Is the application any different i.e. is there any issue if I switch source?

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I also updated my Power BI version to  2.55.5010.521 64-bit (February 2018) and I am having the same problem. I have tried several locales and always the US date format (which I hate). I can still see my old date columns and measures in the desired format (dd/MM/yyyy) but I cannot apply the same formatting to new ones. 


In Power BI service all works perfect as before. 


Hi all,

The same issue has been reported before internally: CRI 56525764. The fix will be available in the March release.


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu