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Date function does not with 0 Day. Work with both Positive and Negative numbers

I  created the following formulas. Refer ticket by user :


Positive Days in the Day part of Date. It works



Last_29_Days = 
VAR MaxDate = date(2020,09,30)
Return Date(YEAR(MaxDate),MONTH(MaxDate),DAY(MaxDate)-29)





Negative Days in the Day part of Date. It also works



Last_31_Days = 
VAR MaxDate = date(2020,09,30)
Return Date(YEAR(MaxDate),MONTH(MaxDate),DAY(MaxDate)-31)





0 Day in the Day part of Date. It does not work



Last_30_Days = 
VAR MaxDate = date(2020,09,30)
Return Date(YEAR(MaxDate),MONTH(MaxDate),DAY(MaxDate)-30)




When Negative work. 0 should work. It is an issue.

Please find the screenshot and file attached after signature


 Screenshot 2020-09-29 21.54.16.png

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Check the post below and create a support ticket for assistance if necessary.