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Date/Time parameter reverts to default value unprompted


  1. "FromDate" date/time parameter with no default value
  2. "ToDate" date/time parameter with default value.

"ToDate" default value:


= DateTime.Today.AddDays((-1 * Cint(DateTime.Today.DayOfWeek)))



Prerequisite: Publish paginated report to PowerBi Service

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select a "FromDate" value from the date picker
  2. Change the "ToDate" value to any date greater than "FromDate"
  3. Change the "FromDate" value to any date less than "ToDate"
  4. Observe "ToDate" value

Actual: "ToDate" parameter reverts back to default value

Expected: "ToDate" parameters is not changed


NOTE: issue is not observed in report builder.

Status: New
Community Support



The issue is reported internally and I will keep you posted with any updates.

Community Support



Our Product Group is aware of the issue and tracking it on internal item 505285. We appreciate your feedback which definitely helps us improve the product and user experience. Since the change or the fix needs time to do evaluation, code review and internal test, there is no ETA for the time being. I also upvoted this thread and believe that with more and more users voice, the fix will be released sooner.