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Dataverse Connector | Multiline Text Column

Hi lovely Community,


just trying the brand new Dataverse Connector with Direct Query. 

Connection works fine, but now I've recognized I can't find my "description" column of standard table "account".


I guess its because "description" is an multiline text column?

Or why I can't find it with the Dataverse Connector?

2021-01-04 15_03_21-Smart - Stammdatentabellen.xlsx - Excel.png





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Could you please let us know if this is something that is on the roadmap to be supported in the near future, or whether this is a feature that is not going to be supported?

We are looking into a use-case where we would like to create shared datasets for paginated reports, in order to keep the maintenance central we would like to use Power BI Datasets with direct-query (we have a 'at request' scenario). 
The challenge is that we have a lot of data in these Multiline text fields, and so are in need of this feature.