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Dataset permissions does not recognize SharePoint group/Team

I have built a report that accesses another report's dataset residing in another workspace. As I am adding the additional SharePoint group (team) to the referenced dataset's direct access permissions for read-only access, members of that group still report they are not able to view the new report (in their own workspace) due to not having permission to the dataset. If I add these users individually; however, they can view the report.


I am not sure if there is some sync not being performed or if this is another king of bug. Thanks!

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Hi @kyleb350 ,

Sharepoint group belongs to Office 365 group which could not be added as an address to share reports directly in Power BI Service.



Share a report via link 

You can also choose to directly send the link to Specific people or groups (distribution groups or security groups). Just enter their name or email address, optionally type a message, and select Send.


To share a report to a whole SP group directly, you can add this group to the workspace with the viewer role or publish an app only with this report and share this app with the group.


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Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li

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Hi @v-yingjl ,


Sorry about the late response. I should add that users have access to the report, but since the underyling dataset lies in a different workspace, they receive an error upon opening the report.


My original thought was to simply add the associated SharePoint group (or workspace) of users to the permissions of the original dataset to resolve this, but since I cannot add a SharePoint group or another workspace to a dataset's permission list, I am simply adding the individual people.