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Dataset failing refresh after external source table change

We have had issues refreshing a dataset after a column was added to an azure based SQL datasource environment table.  This dataset is able to successfully perform desktop refreshes with no issue in any table, but when published and refreshed in PBI service it results in failures.  The dataset does have incremental refresh implemented, credentials have been reset but also did not change since the issue occurred, nothing else changed within the dataset other than the source table column addition.


Error received in PBI web service:


Data source error:[Unable to combine data] Section1/... references other queries or steps, so it may not directly access a data source. Please rebuild this data combination.. The exception was raised by the IDbCommand interface.
Time:2020-09-24 23:55:20Z



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We are facing the same issue since yesterday morning.

Our dataset is based on SAP HANA and Excel files. Nothing has changed at the source side nor in the dataset itself. But suddenly we can't refresh the dataset via PBI service, altough it refreshes via Desktop.


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I have exactly same issue, for the fix i have turned off incremental refresh and now refresh seems to be working, in long term this is not a solution due to data amount.


Not sure what king of update Microsoft has made recently but i have multiple report failing due to inremental refresh. No change in Data set it just started to fail from 24.09.2020.

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We already have 3 reports with the same issue, some with and some without incremental refresh

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Same problem here. Reports with incremental refresh and more than two data source does not work. 

I have reports with two data sources and they are just working fine.

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FWIW, my issues seem to be isolated to datasets using incremental refresh... began sometime early yesterday (24th) morning EST.