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Dataset Gateway Connection in PBI Service not working anymore

When selecting the gateway for the dataset there used to be a drop-down that let you see the connections in the dataset and it also allowed you to link any that weren't implicity matched already. There has to have been an update to the service since yesterday that took this feature away and not I am unable to connect datasets to the on-premises gateway. Anyone else having issues?

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Having this same issue

Also having the same issue!


Update: while the drop-down feature is still missing, I did find I was missing a connection for one of my datasets. This wouldn't have been such an issue though if that drop-down was still there. Also, not necessarily related but I still have yet to be able to make SharePoint connections; you'd think this would work easy since it's another Microsoft product, right?

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@chrismo are you saying this is resolved on your end? what do you mean by " missing a connection for one of my datasets" do you mean you had to add another data source? That's still not possible for SharePoint though. 

For me the gateway greys out, doesnt allow you to select it at all. Don't know if that's what you are experiencing as well. And that was since yesterday, it wasn't a problem before that.


@skaisangwa I think what may be happening for you is that a datasource could be missing in the gateway that is in your report. I'm not sure otherwise.


However, I think my issue is actually resolved. What this post really is about a missing feature (the drop-down) that helped you to see the queries in the report and make the matches in the gateway.


My issue was apparently two-fold. First, I was missing one of the on-premises connections in the gateway. When I went through the connections in the report I missed adding one to the gateway. And second, I had a general misunderstanding of the need for cloud connections to be added; I didn't realize if I checked the box to allow user connections to the cloud that it was not necessary to add that connection in the gateway. So I added the one on-premises connection and removed the cloud connection and it worked. It would have been easier with that drop-down list though.

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Similar issue here with the disappearance of the connection selection drop-down. I have two user credentials to the same source database with different privileges and now I cannot choose which one to use per dataset.


@tahga  I can see how that would be a problem. I have a similar situation, same database with multiple credentials. If it's possible, what I would do is just give each credential set a different connection name, like say Connection1 and Connection2. I use ODBC connections to our database and this works like a charm.

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Similar to my problem. I can see all the datasources, it's just that one of the SQL Server connections stopped working. It refreshes in PBI Desktop, but when I promote it back to the app, it refuses to refresh via the gateway. It was originally saying something about credentials, actually locked the admin account on the server, so our SQL Server manufacturing apps all stopped working... sent the production staff on break, rebooted the server, unlocked the admin account and it worked for 2 days... back again today.

@Nonsensely   I am not really sure what your issue could be. I'd be interested to see what the error message is.

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It seems the connection selection drop-down has made a comeback! Smiley LOL