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Dataflows very very slow Validating Queries

Simple SQL query that runs 7 seconds in SQL takes 19 minutes(!) to validate in Dataflows

19 minutes!!!???
Not just one query.

I've tried SQL Server and PostgreSQL - the time it takes to Validate is just crazy.

What is going on?

Please help

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That seems to work fine for me. You may take a look at Dataflows best practices.

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Please see this:

But please, please, see it through, read the comments and please, listen to the users, not just me:

The Validation step TAKES FOREVER! It just SUCKS!

The users are wasting TONS of time for this.

This is an AWEFUL experience!

Please fix

Thank you!

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If I could thumbs up this I would a million times over. It makes no sense why it takes so long to 'validate.' 


I've had multiple DF's take 20-30 minutes to validate and yet the refresh takes 4 minutes. Makes no sense to me at all. It would be nice if there was some intelligence behind it. I've even had it take that 30 minutes to validate the data flow when the only thing I did was delete a table. Since there is logic in place that prevents me from deleting a query in use, the delete should be clean, why does it require a full rebuild of everything again?

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Same issue.


I found out that Validating and Editing work super fast outside of working hours.


Submitted a ticket to Microsoft.

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It's pure performance issue on MS side. Very frustrating: sometimes more than 2 hours for a few changes!
It is my opinion also that after hours or in the weekends you have sometimes more luck.
But this unprofessional slow.