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Dataflows validating queries - error message

In power bi service data flow, I loaded excel files from one drive, completed transformations, and when clicked save & close button getting error after 2 minutes of validation.


dataflows error - query loading.png





An error occurred while validating your queries (session ID:a1862deb-dc87-4364-a78c-b122f2b7a7a5).


Could anyone advise what does this means and any suggestions with the next steps? 

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Advocate I

We have exactly the same with a couple of dataflows. Even just resaving the flow without changes brings this error.

Advocate IV

Encountering the same thing starting today. Also have a few co-worker experiencing the same behavior using SQL data sources, computed entities, etc.

Frequent Visitor

Lost hours of work due to this error today. They need to fix these issues ASAP!

Not applicable

Just found the same issue, persistently hapenning and not letting me save the query 😒

Regular Visitor

Having the same issue.

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+1 here

Advocate II

Same issue here, started today. Dataflow is made up of two odbc queries. I can disable load on either and the dataflow will validate and save, however with both enabled it will not save. I've lost a day of work testing, and attempting to re-save and now have no way to go back and revert to previous state. 


Anyone at microsoft paying attention?


"An error occurred while validating your queries (Session ID: 9c59ba5f-9502-41c1-b87c-667552ce3ea5)."

Advocate III

After Doing trouble shooting figured, the issue was due to data source having more columns then the limit of power bi which is 16000 columns. Once the data source was fixed, this issue was resolved automatically.



This issue has been resloved. 



Advocate IV

Microsoft knew about the issue and fixed it over the weekend.

Error fix.png

Helper III

cvillegas, if they fixed over the weekend back in June, why am I facing that same issue?  And why this idea is still in "NEW" state?


I'm reading from an excel spreadsheet that has no tables and we don't want table because it makes the file very slow.

So it reads like 1000 columns in the spreadsheet even though there is nothing past the 5th column.

Would it be the reason why I'm getting this error?

Is there any way I can prevent Power Query from reading 1000 columns?