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Dataflows sets data types incorrectly

In one of my entities, I have a column of type Date and a column of type Fixed Decimal Number. I have explicitly set the data types, and I can see the correct data type icons in column headers.


When I save and refresh my dataflow, then export the JSON file, the data types are set incorrectly to Date/Time (dateTime) and Decimal Number (double), respectively.


As a result, I have to set the data types again in Power BI Desktop.

Status: Accepted
Continued Contributor

Apparently, the issue with date locales has now been fixed -- thank you!


The Time data type still does not work at all, and I'm hoping my idea will get some attention from the product team.

Community Support

Hi @Daniil,


Glad to hear the issue is gone. Generally PG team will consider the idea in a high priority if there are too many votes on the idea. I already give one vote. Smiley Happy


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

Continued Contributor

Thank you @v-qiuyu-msft Smiley Happy