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Dataflows fail to refresh - "pending validation" prevents to save dataflows

Power BI Dataflows have been systematically failing in the last 24 hours "because there was a problem with one or more entities, or because dataflow capabilities were unavailable". No matter if the dataflow queries our on-premises server or or a simple Excel file on SharePoint, it just fails. They have been running for a few months with no problem, beside isolated and temporary failures to refresh.

It seems that all dataflows are “pending validation”. When I open an entity and attempt to save it, it can’t save the entity/dataflow after the validation step fails. Herebelow is the error message that does not tell me much about the issue.

We have got a few organisational reports connected to these dataflows and users need daily refreshes. What can I do about it?


Activity ID: 95c94573-6caf-4ca8-852e-912384d12652

Request ID: 4bb0a5ae-8bb6-743c-de1d-96bba591a9c1

Correlation ID: c3ea76e7-0627-ab78-5866-29ab707d7fa0

Status code: 500

Time: Thu Aug 26 2021 07:52:52 GMT+0200 (Central European Summer Time)

Service version: 13.0.16650.58

Client version: 2108.3.07325-train

Cluster URI:


Status: New
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I have also had dataflows failing that have never failed before starting 2 days ago I believe. I get this error message that's of no help


There was a problem refreshing your dataflow. {"RootActivityId":"3ecd4a3f-65f7-470a-bfb2-d2cd2ab9774f"}


I was also not able to delete the old dataflow, nor create and save a new dataflow. This is bazarre and now happening with multiple dataflows/sources.

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Hi sfbind2,


The tenant in my organisation informed me that Microsoft has been experiencing issues with dataflow in the last 24 hours:

"We’ve detected an issue with Power BI dataflows' refresh that may affect your tenant’s resources. As a result, your tenant may experience refresh failures. Our engineers are investigating the problem, and we’ll let you know when it’s fixed."


Let's cross fingers it won't take long!

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@fffdk Thanks for the info! It's causing us a lot of problems so I really hope it gets sorted soon. 

Community Support

Hi @fffdk ,

Based on the your cluster url, north-europe capacity has some issues when refreshing dataflows indeed as far as I know, multiple simliar issues have been submited internal.(ICM: 258337684, 258250936) Most of them have been fixed so you can try to check it in some other times.


In addition, look forward any new progress about this if you get any update.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li

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Dataflows are running again, and it seems the issue was solved as of yesterday night by MS engineers. Downtime limited to 24 hours, we can live with it but not too often. 


We fixed the problem with dataflows

We’ve resolved the previously communicated issue with Power BI dataflows' refresh, which may have affected your tenant’s resources.

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@v-yingjl  we are experiencing same issues now "after" the capacities are running normal.


When we publish and overwrite an existing dataset we get exactly the same error as mentioned above. And all dataflows are also in "pending validation" mode when opening them.


Other datasets that have not been overwritten are running fine, same goes for the raw dataflows and computed dataflows.


A fix is probably as before to delete the dataset and publish a new, but that would be a huge workload if we have to do this for all datasets, there are many and most of them have embedded content on sharepoint sites for which reason all links to every single page needs to be maintained.


This is a new issue and we did not experience this before the general european premium capacity issue from wednesday.

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This is definately still an issue, just went through a major change on one of our large dataflows and just received a simple and useless error-message "Can't save dataflow", see image below.


All work lost, and yet another unhappy customer for us.


What's going on at MS atm., this is not the MS I know and what I expect from "premium" capacities.




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@v-yingjl we are STILL experiencing this issue. I got more refresh failure notices this morning. 

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I'm also having the same issue. No dataflow is being updated due to this error for one Workspace of mine.

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I hate making an assumption, but it appears that something is being changed live for dataflows on the backend. I'm seeing quite a few of the same errors as others with Internal Error messages and submitted tickets to the MSFT team that have been escalated to the product group. The pending validation along with table type wasn't previously a feature in the interface. Along with this the logs appear to be a bit different with additional columns. Maybe it's possible that it's either in prep for:


- The background validation of dataflows.

- Migration of Power BI dataflow and PowerApps dataflows (inevitable deprecation of the legacy Power BI dataflow connector as discussed in the August release notes).

- Prep for Gen 2 release next month.