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Dataflows Timing Out & Publishing taking forever

Our dataflows have jumped from 5 minutes to sometimes timing out at 3 hour limit. The gateways involved have all been updated to the latest version, and one dataflow doesn't even connect through a gateway because all sources are web.


Around the same time this started happening, publishing reports with exisiting datasets have started taking forever (30+ mins).  Twice now I've received a 500 error while trying to publish. Previously they took under 30s (8mb report), and if I delete the existing report and dataset pubishing speed is restored to this.


Even navigating through the workspace settings has gotten slow and unreliable. Just now I got an error with a picture of an owl and the following message:

Power BI was unable to read the application metadata. Please check the Power BI service status in the below support page and try again later.
Date and Time: 2020-10-14 18:54:41Z
ActivityId: e13c3676-e36c-4be5-9fb5-0a1ebf8ec6ca


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Several related issues have been reported. You may also create a support ticket for assistance if necessary.

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We are having the same issue. I have made a few other observations:


- Publishing time from PBI Desktop to PBI Service for all reports has been significantly slower than normal. This includes small & large reports, tested different datasets. Extremely small datasets that used to take <1min to publish are now taking >15min.


- Email subscriptions have been delayed an average of 6-8 minutes, sometimes as long as 20 minutes. Previously, the same email subscriptions were near-instantaneous, within a minute or so. 


- When trying to manually refresh a dataset ("Refresh Now") in the PowerBI Service, there is now typically a lag from when the button is pushed to when the refresh begins, sometimes up to 10-15 minutes. This is even without any other datasets being refreshed at the same time and for datasets that wither do not refresh throughout the day and/or are under the 8 refresh limit.

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@ProStyleZ  Same behaviors noticed for us dating back to last week. I started a new Idea/Issue regarding your 3rd point as well. I believe the issues to be inter-related but wanted to allow others to comment if they were experiencing both issues also.


Finally - have you noticed any dataset refresh now errors where it fails stating credentials have expired forcing you to re-sign in to SharePoint/OneDrive multiple times? Have you noticed that when it freezes that you can publish from desktop successfully at which point it will then start the refresh?


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We have been experiencing similar issues