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Dataflows: ODBC Error: Please Specify how to connect

I'm attempting to add a ODBC dataflow as described here:


On Power BI Desktop, I created a new data source using an ODBC connection and a native query. The ODBC connection has been configured on both my machine and the On-Premise Gateway (just updated to latest version) machine. The data loads correctly into Power BI Desktop. I can publish the report and refresh the dataset through the On-Premise Gateway. All that functionality works. 


However, I'm running into problems when I try to add the ODBC query as a new entity in a Dataflow. I copied the Power Query M code from the Advanced Editor in Power BI Desktop and pasted it as a Blank Query in Dataflows. The interface gives a Please specify how to connect message and an Edit Credentials button. I enter my database credentials, but the same message keeps appearing again and again. I can't proceed. 




1) I have an existing Dataflow Entity with a SQL Server connection. This dataflow saves and refreshes through the gateway correctly. It's working correctly. 






2) Next, I want to add an ODBC Native Query connection. I open up Power BI Desktop and copy/paste the Power Query M code into a Dataflows Blank Query. 






3) Next, the interface asks me to enter my credentials. I enter the username/password I always use for this DB. 






4) However, I can't proceed past this point. Each time I enter in my credentials, I'm returned to this screen:






I ran the Power Query M code in Power BI Desktop on both my local machine and in Power BI Desktop on the On-Premise gateway itself. Both successfully load the data into Power BI Desktop. I can upload these reports and schedule them to refresh through the gateway. The ODBC connection is configured correctly. The problems occur when I try to use it within Dataflows. 

Status: Investigating

@jtgriffith ,

I can reproduce this issue on my side, I will consult this issue internally.


Status changed to: Investigating

@jtgriffith ,

Please change credential type for the ODBC data source to Windows in gateway and in dataflow, then check if it works.


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Unfortunetly I couldn't get that to work. I tried my Windows / O365 username/password and the database username/password.  I didn't specify it in the original description, but the ODBC connection I'm trying to create is to a Sybase IQ database.