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Dataflows - No entity after refresh

Hi, ,


I am having issues with a dataflow today. I have made some changes to it earlier today and since then it is not returning any entity. During the preview, it is showing correct data but no data is shown when I connect it through Power BI Desktop. The Power BI Desktop query is not showing any entity. 


This may be linked to the following issues already on the Power BI Support Page


Customers creating a new Dataflow from the Power BI service will see the default setting "Allow combining data from multiple sources" set to true instead of false. As a workaround, customers can uncheck the setting. Engineers are working on a fix and expect it to be deployed by end-of-day 11/22/2019.




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I have the same issue. 

Some entities randomly are not accessible.

I've just created a calendar table from a blank query to limit dependencies.



However, if try to use that dataflow in PowerBi service, there are no entities:


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Hi Everyone, 


I beleve same situation here: 

* Entities exist in the Dataflow

* Entities refresh in the Dataflow

* Entities DO NOT appear in the preview, when i connect to the Dataflows using Power BI Desktop



* Smilar entities ( same code + same source) dissapppeared from multiple Workspaces. 

* Creating the new Dataflow and copy pasting the code of the dissapeared entity didnt help

* Creating new workspace and new Dataflow didnt help

* If I delete Applied Steps from dissapeared entities and try to load row data it appears back

* Closer to the end of the day other entities started to disappear

* Reports failed to refresh but Dataflows refresh BAU


Please share your observations and hints if you got.






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Similar issue for me: empty dataflows on expand in the navigator, previewing data within the source dataflow works just fine.


Enhanced Dataflows Compute Engine is off.  My DateTime columns are listed as DateTime.


I submitted a support ticket and showed them the error...unfortunately I'm on Premium so they had to transfer my ticket to premium support so now I'm waiting to hear back from them.

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@jeffshieldsdev ,

the workaround provided in the first message doesn't work for me as well.

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We are experiencing the same issues. Late last week on Friday I made several edits to existing dataflows. Now the entities do no appear when accessing the dataflow as a data source in Power BI Desktop.


Does anyone know if Microsoft is aware of the issue, and working towards resolving it?

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I feel a little less alone now.  I thought I did something.


I reached out to our Microsoft Rep.  This issue took down one of our production reports with hunreds of daily users.

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I submitted a ticket regarding the empty dataflows while browsing in the navigator.  They just told me its now a known bug and will be fixed in 4 weeks.

I reached back out--is there a workaround, is there something I can do different?...I can't wait 4 weeks to start sharing dataflows with my company. 😞

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Same issue here. No choice to connect my data without the dataflow...

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Same thing with me. Tried different things, no use. If there is more they two steps in PQ, it becomes unvisible when trying to connect to dataflow.

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I had the same issue last week and found a solution that worked fine.

The entities that were no longer appearing had at least one field formatted as Date. Edited the dataflow to switch those fields to Date/Time and after refreshing the entities show up again...

Once ingested the data from the dataflow, change the field back to Date.