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Dataflow Timeout After 5 Minutes

I've recently set up a dataflow and attempted to refresh it for the first time. The refresh process failed with an error message stating "Refreshing an entity exceeded the 2 hour refresh limit." This occurs every time I attempt to refresh.


Dataflow refresh error.png

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Hi @pstevensHGC


Which kind of data source did the dataflow connect to? 


Please copy the Power Query used by the dataflow, then use blank query data source in Power BI desktop, paste the previous co[ied Power Query, create a report then publish report to service, refresh the dataset to see if there is any error occurs. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

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I have faced same issue, with sql server in dataflow, there was some issue in sql server but dataflow is not showing correct error msg, "Error: Refreshing an entity exceeded the 2 hour refresh limit." this shows in just 10 minutes after start.  any idea on this?