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Dataflow Issue > Custom columns cannot be seen when used as a data source in PBI Desktop

We have created a dataflow and need some basic custom columns e.g. split of Week/Month to Week and Month and using the Week to find out the first date of the first day of that week


We did that in Desktop initially but now want to do data preprepation in a dataflow


So we took the Advanced editor code from Desktop and used that in the dataflow. Looks like it worked and now columns were created correctly


BUT when we save the dataflow and access it from a new PBI desktop - We do NOT see these new columns. They are not saved in the dataflow definition. When we open the data flow itelf we see the new custom columns but not when when we open it in a desktop


Can we create custom columns in a data flow using advanced editor?
If so why cannot we use them as a data source?dataflow1.pngDataflowAdvancededitor.pngDataflowCreate.png

Status: New

Hi @HinaS


Based on my test, the custom column in datafow can display in Power BI desktop when connecting to the dataflow. 


In your scenario, I notice the Power Query returns the result of step #"Changed column type" which is prior to the step #"Added Custom", please modify the Power Query to return the step #"Reordered columns" results then test again. 




Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu