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DataSet "Last Refresh" doesn't change after initial load

I am using an API push from Alteryx to write my dataset to Power Bi.  I have noticed when i create the dataset in power Bi, the "Last Refresh" for the dataset shows this time.  Later when i run the workflow to replace the dataset (it overwrites it), the "Last Refresh" never changes, however the data is different.  Is this a known issue or am i doing something wrong?

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Could you please make sure that there are only one streaming dataset listed under Datasets as following screenshot? Do you mean that the timestamp of LAST REFRESH is always not changed? 


DataSet Last Refresh doesn't change after initial load_1.jpg

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Yes the date/time seen in this picture never changes from the time the dataset was created.  So if i write every monday morning to this dataset.. the timestamp never changes from the time i first created that dataset.