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Data load behaving strangely

I have been loading data tables for a long time perfectly but after July update, while loading data it restricts some tables to 1000 rows randomly. I am unable to figure out the reason behind this. Once I edited table and loaded it with the correct number of rows then I refreshed it changed it back to 1000 rows again. 

Anyone one else faced such issue recently.

Please help.

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Hi @shobhitgupta,


Which data source do you get data from? After retrieving data, do you perform any other steps in Query Editor? Please share detail steps for us to reproduce the issue. 


By the way, the latest Power BI desktop version is 2.60.5169.4101, please try to update your Power BI desktop to this version then test again. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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I've the same problem

When I refresh by the PowerBI Desktop it's ok.

But, and I try with gateway, don't load everything.

Super User

I am having the same issue. My table with 2.7m rows is stopping the load at 1k.  This only occurs in two of my models that are in my personal workspace. 

@v-qiuyu-msft why would this only affect two data models out of 100?

I use the same connections to a sql server in all other data models that are working appropriately. I do a simple merge as well as creatig a conditional column.  Nothing major in my query to cause this. In addition, these two models worked perfectly for many months.

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Yes this is happening mostly after expanding column from a merge or join. Despite in the preview it is showing all rows matched in a left join. There seems no way for rows to get reduced.