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Data colors in line and clustered column change when I export report from Service to PPT - Bug?

Hi -

I have a report created in Desktop (Version: 2.72.5556.701 64-bit (August 2019)) with multiple pages mainly populated with 3 or 4 different line and clustered column charts.  Data colors are consistent for each chart in each page.  For example, all America data shows as teal columns, APAC is dark blue, EMEA light blue and the line showing historical data is orange. 


When I publish to the Power BI Service the colors usually remain the same.  Every once in a while something changes but for the most part the colors match the Desktop version. 


However, when I export from the Service to PowerPoint the colors in the charts all change.  They keep the same theme colors I'm using but seem to randomly change across the slides.  America columns are now teal on one slide, light blue on another slide, dark blue on the next.  Same for the rest of the columns and the line.  On some slides colors for the same data series are different. 


I can live with colors in the charts changing during the export but can't live with them showing different on each slide.  The PPT colors need to be consistent for each series across all slides. 


Am using a custom theme but have the same issue when I change the theme back to the default Power BI theme. 


Is there a workaround for this issue?  



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Community Support Team

@sarasch ,


I have made a test but couldn't reproduce your issue. The color in clustered bar chart of exported ppt is same with that in power bi desktop based on my test. Could you share some screenshots of the difference you mentioned?



Jimmy Tao


Sure - here are some screenshots using the default Power BI Desktop theme.  In Power BI data colors are consistent across all pages for each data series.  AMER = Teal, APAC = Black, EMEA = Yellow, Japan = red, FY19 = gray.  

In PPT colors are not consistent on each side for each data series.  AMER = Yellow or AMER = Teal, APAC = Teal or APAC = Red, etc..  The color differences are in each of the 20 exported slides.  AMER is black in some, yellow in others, etc.  


Note in the GTS All detail pics that not only are the data bar colors different in PPT, but that the FY19 H1 Attain Range lines in the PPT are different colors within the same slide - gray in both the All Geo and APAC/Japan visual but red in the AMER visual.  


All Roles Pwr BI.PNGAll Roles Power BIAll Roles PPT.PNGAll Roles PPTGTS All Pwr BI detail.PNGGTS All Power BIGTS All PPT detail.PNGGTS All PPT