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Data Refresh Queries

Hi, we've set up reports in Power BI Desktop that use a data model created in Power BI desktop.  The data source for this data model is a set of spreadsheets in Sharepoint online.


When we upload these reports to the Power BI service, we're unsure which refresh option should apply and how to get them to refresh:


Do we need to use the refresh scheduler with these report?  They're not on premises sources so i presume a data gateway isn't necessary and they don't automatically refresh so i presume this doesn't apply either.


When we try the schedule refresh option, we get 'the data source can't be refreshed because the credentials are invalid.  Please update your credentials and try again.'


We don't really understand why the credentials are not saved with the report.  When we click Edit Credentials, none of the authentication methods work.  With the OAuth2 option we get 'Network Error (tcp_error)  A communication error occurred: "No route to host".... 


Our IT department don't have any experience of setting this up and don't know what to do.  They have asked us to post a message to request some advice.  Any help would be much appreciated as this is holding us back at the moment.

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Hi @AnalystPete,


Based on my test, OAuth2 authentication works fine when we enter credential for the web data source connect to SharePoint Excel. In your scenario, the error should be related to your Power BI service or SharePoint site. I would suggest you create a support ticket to let engineer look into your real environment.


Support Ticket.gif


Best Regards,

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Thanks for the advice