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Data Modeling Uppercase and Lowercase issues



I was also having the same issue but got the solution after some effort.

You can try converting your string into ASCII code into the query editor using M query.

Create a custom column in the query editor and convert your string letter by letter into relevant ASCII Code.

For example, a Column having the string = Product ID 


 Text.From(Character.ToNumber(Text.Middle([#"Product ID"],0,1))) &"|"&

Text.From(Character.ToNumber(Text.Middle([#"Product ID"],1,1))) &"|"&
Text.From(Character.ToNumber(Text.Middle([#"Product ID"],2,1)))&"|"&
Text.From(Character.ToNumber(Text.Middle([#"Product ID"],3,1)))


You will get ASCII code for your String separated by "|" letter by letter.


Now after loading in the BI table, Split the ASCII code by "|", and using UNICHAR  decode the ASCII Code.

The method is a little typical but you will get the result.


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Hi @Harsh1708 ,

Thanks for your sharing and it would help others in the community.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li