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Data Labels - Customize Series setting not working for column/line chart in Service

I have a stacked column/line chart and I want to display the data labels for the column but not the line.  I have been using the 'Customize Series' feature under 'Data Labels' for several months to display one label and not the other and it has been working well.  In the last few days, it stopped working in the PBI service (still works fine in desktop).  Now it is all or nothing - if Data Labels is swtiched to on, it shows all labels regardless of the Customize Series.  This is making for some hard to read charts!


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I have the same issue here. I wonder why this kind of update is done on PowerBI service when it still is working in PowerBI Desktop. Hopefully it is an issue that can be solved soon!


Hi @kelseypbi ,


I have reported this problem internally, CRI:116657417.  Would update here once I get any response.


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Yuliana Gu

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Same here. Really frustrating to have all my graphs to be ruined (using "Line and clustered column chart")

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Was going to post this same thing.  Started happening to me today.  Working in desktop but on the web its showing the labels.  

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I'm experiencing this exact same issue, it started happening two days ago.  This is extremely frustrating and has made all of my line and stacked column visuals useless.  @AmirNetz , please know this is a huge inconvenience!

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Same issue observed here. 

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Same thing happened to me since monday. it works on desktop but not in the web.

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Noticed this same issue on Monday and Tuesday, today it appears to be resolved. 

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It looks to be working for me today as well.