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Data Gateway Query Execution Report - huge value for DataProcessingDuration

Using Enterprise Gateway  I am seeing some large numbers for DataProcessDuration. For example one value is 637,328,255,004,381 ms.  These large values appear to be random. They show up on different data sources including AD, SQL, SSAS, and SharePoint for different dates and time. The query reports as successful in each case. These very large numbers, though only a small percentage overall, skew the reports too a point where I will either have to replace the value with some average over time or delete the record all together.


Anyone else see this trend? Any thoughts of why these values are apparently incorrect yet the data suggest the refresh had no issue and reports a success?





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@dbishop ,


I would suggest you create a support ticket here for further analysis.

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Jimmy Tao

New Member



I am having a similar issue with some values for DataProcessingDuration(ms) being very large (such as 63,735,264,648,916). Do you ever get to the bottom of this?


What version of the Gateway are you using? I'm on 3000.54.8 (August 2020).