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Data Disappears With Streaming Dataset

I have a dashboard that was created from a streaming dataset. The dashboard contains a few cards and a line graph.  When I first load the dashboard, I can see data as expected but after a few seconds the data displayed in the cards disappear. If I refresh the page the data is shown again but disappears after a few seconds.


Any ideas why this might be happening?

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Which type of real-time datasets are you using? I just tested on my side but cannot repro the same issue on my side. Could you please provide more details about the repro steps? 


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I may have found the issue.  The dashboard also contains a report that uses the DirectQuery method. If I remove the report, the cards seem to persist.  Of course that doesn't explain why the data in the line chart is always present.  It is our understanding that any dataset type can be pinned and used on a dashboard.


Also, not sure what happened to my other reply, but the streaming dataset is fed by an Azure stream analytics job.  The dataset is setup as hybrid type on the PowerBI side.  The streaming dataset is used by the cards and the line chart, however only the cards' data disappears after a few seconds.

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