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Dashboards not refreshing

My dashboards started to stay frozen since yesterday, it only updates if the page is refreshed (F5), the option to refresh the blocks does not work and show the message as in the picture below.DashboardRefreshFail2.png

same Dashboad at same time, the second after Page Refresh (F5)


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Hi @Brazilian


The dashboard tiles will be refreshed within 15 minutes automatically once the dataset is refreshed successfully. Please wait for 15 minutes after dataset is refreshed successfully to check if tiles data are updated. Also please try with different browsers to test again. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

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I can wait for hours and the tiles do not update, the phone does not stop ringing, with someone complaining that the data does not change, the problem started this week.


I updated the dataset at 8am and so far, 9:30 am, the dashboard keeps showing yesterday's data.


I thought it might be gateway problem, updated, uninstalled and installed again but the problem continues

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Now testing with edge, 3 phases of the same report at the same time, 

the first did nothing (and it did not update after database update),

the second asked to update the tiles (more than 15 minutes running and did not update) ,

and the third one refreshed the page (and instantly it's updated data).



Hi friend i am with the same problem my  report tile is not refreshing, but the jobs are working correctly, its here we open a ticket to microsoft and we waitng solve our problem.

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I solved my problem by going back to the outdated database connector, the new panels were updated again, the old ones deleted and I made new ones.