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Dashboards link stopped working on power bi app on iphone

Hi, for some reason the dashboards on one of my power bi apps has stopped working on the power bi app on iphone and ipad.  I have removed the app from my phone and installed it again but still not working.  The dashboard work perfectly fine on the online version.

Many thanks.


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Hi, I'm having the same issue and would like to add that dashboards are not triggering neither "loaded" or "error" events.


This can be verified on the embbeded playground:

Go to "Sample Dashboard" and then "Run". Nothing gets logged on "Log" area.

(The "Sample Report" does log the "loaded" event)


Hi @Rose1976


From your description, it looks like when you open the Power BI mobile app in iPhone or iPad, navigate to open a published app then click on a dashboard, the dashboard doesn't open, right? 


Which Power BI mobile app version do you run?

And which iOS version of your iPhone and iPad?

Please check if you are able to open other dashboards contained in the same published app via Power BI mobile app. 


@matoso The issue you reported is different from this topic. Please post a new thread and we will investigate it and reply in the new thread. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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thanks everyone, the app appears to be working now.  I think it was just the Apple update took a while to work, i'm now on the current version and all dashboards working fine.