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Dashboard tiles using SSAS source only refresh after user visits the dashboard clicks refresh tiles

Hello, we have reports which use directquery to access SSAS databases via a data gateway cluster and importantly there are some measures that we want to receive alerts for. Unfortunately the tiles do not refresh even after reprocessing the SSAS database. Especially bothersome is that alerting on that tile often sends alerts in error with out of date data or fails to alert when it should also because its out of date.


If I use the Refresh Dashboard Tiles menu option, they'll eventually refresh. I think sometimes even if you only load the dashboard, you'll first see the old cached value and maybe within 5 minutes it'll refresh and show the updated/correct value. Pinned live report pages are always accurate. Repinning the tile will of course refresh it. Republishing the PBIX will probably work as well.


Creating an alert on this tile is basically worthless because it's out of date unless a user intervenes, at least to load and view the dashboard, but we need to be alerted automatically.


I've read that these tiles should refresh every 10 min if they detect changes to the data but have not found any documentation regarding how it detects changes.


I suspect PowerBI looks to the SSAS database's "Last Data Refresh" property which is for some reason not updated if you process via Invoke-ASCmd.


Does anybody have any information or ideas on this? How does PowerBI detect SSAS changes? How do you automate processing of SSAS and does it update that 'Last Data Refresh' property? 

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Reaching out to those who may know more or figured it out since the last threads on this subject 🙂 @GuyInACube  @MattAllington 

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Sorry, not me.  But Adam would be the guy (get it!)


Hi @burny


I would suggest you create a support ticket to let engineers look into the issue on your side. 


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