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Dashboard tiles not getting refreshed


I created a dashboard using tiles from report, Data set is refreshing as per schedule and reports are also refreshing. But the tiles in dashboard still show the old data figures. Its quite confusing as you click on the dashbaod tile and jump to report you see diffrent numbers.

Impact is numbers looks wrong.

Is there a fix for this?

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What is your data source, through import or direct query? Did you schedule cache refresh as following screenshot? How about the result if you click Refresh dashboard tiles button in dashboard page (from the three dots menu on the top right corner)?


Cannot configure scheduled data refresh_1.jpg


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Data source is MYSQL and its Import. dataset is set for schedule refresh for 1 Hr interval and its data get refresh without problem and related reports also get refresh. But Dashboard tiles show the old value even after you refresh the refresh tile option, sometime you need to logout and login in again then dashboard tiles get refreshed.

Don't know what the problem is coz if you click on the dashboard tile it jumps to the report and there you can see the updated data value, but dashbord tile still with old number.




I cannot repro the same issue on my side. Please refer to my screenshot below. My data source is also MySQL and import mode. The dashboard tile can refresh automatically.



Dashboard tiles not getting refreshed_1.jpgDashboard tiles not getting refreshed_2.jpg


I suggest you to create a support ticket at (see bottom of page).
If issue is resolved, you can share the solution here later to help others who have the same problem.


Support Ticket.gif


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Thanks, Created the ticket, will update on revert.

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I have exactly de same issue.

Report data is correctly refreshed.

Dashboard data is not refreshed (even with the "Refresh dashboard tiles" button).

We use scheduled refresh via Personal Gateway.

Data source: MySQL.