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Dashboard stuck "Refreshing" and showing blank Tiles

Hi All,


We have a Dashboard that pulls from 2 different reports that has been up and working fine for awhile.  But as of this morning we're suddenly seeing strange issues.  Here's what we observe:


- The main issue is that the Tiles are all blank (no error, just empty as in the first screenshot below)

- The dashboard says "Refreshing" in the top left and has been like that for hours

- The underlying reports do load properly, and if you pin a new Tile, then that new Tile works fine

- The original, blank tiles cannot be deleted from Dashboard.  When you click the menu, there simply isn't an option to delete it anymore. (see second screenshot)

- Clicking "Refresh Dashboard Tiles" does not force them to load


This is our main Dashboard and it would be less than ideal to have to rebuild it completely.  Hoping someone has seen this before and knows a solution...?







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I´m having the same issue! 

Started on Friday.

This is not the first time that this appens.

Please update the status.



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We've been having the same issue since Friday last week.  Needs to be resolved ASAP!

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I have the same issue for from last friday.  Dash boards which we ping entire report are working fine for me but dash boards failed to refresh if we ping as tile.


Same problem - dashboard tiles are not refreshed. Hope the issue to be resolved asap.

roh New Member
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I am facing the same issue.. Please update soon..


Same issue for some of my dashboards connected to Azure Analysis Services, without row level security. 

PBI Info.PNGDashboard Refresh Issue.PNG



We are also having the same issue. I tried recreating the dashboards and they aren't showing current values. Needs fixed ASAP!

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I am having the same issue and it seems to be RLS.  Seems to only be the dashboard and not the reports. Everything was working fine a week ago.    




Same Issue !

Dashboard wrong but report/datasets up to date.

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We're having the same issue.  This is affecting dozens of users.  I cannot remove RLS because I cannot allow these users to see all data.  Please fix this quickly!