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Dashboard stays blank for APP user


I'm struggeling with the fact that users see blank tiles in their dashboard. The users can click on the blank tile and will see the visual that has been linked as tile on the dashboard. So thers no problem seeing the data, but it won't show in the dashboard.

So this is how the report is being build:

- I created a workspace where I'm the only workspace member. So users are being forced to use the Apps section for their reports.

- A dataset from 2 different SQL server is created. A number of tables in the datamodel are using directquery and the other are using the import method.

- The report is using the dataset as data source.
- From the workspace I created an App. Only users in a specific AD security group have access to the published App.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

All users have a Power BI Pro license.

Status: New

Hi @FlyingDutchman,


From your description, users see the blank tiles in the dashboard within a app, but when they click on the dashboard tile navigate to the related report, the visual can display data, right? 


In your scenario, please check if the same tile in the same dashboard is blank in app workspace as well. Please let users click on the "Refresh dashboard tiles" button at the right top of the corner of the dashboard by clicking "..." to see if data display in the tile. 




Please try to repin the visual to dashboard then republish the app to check if the same issue happens. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

Hi Qiuyun Yu, Yes that's problem that we are experiencing. When I open the dashboard within the app or the workspace the tile is not blank, but for the users it's blank. I already tried to build a new dashboard and republish the app, but still for the users the tiles are blank even when they click on "Refresh dashboard tiles" button. Regards, Arno

Hi @FlyingDutchman,


Is there any RLS role set for this user on related dataset of this tile? 


Please share the dashboard directly with Share button with this user. Does the same issue occur when the user access the dashboard via Shared with me? 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu