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Dashboard sharing Disabled for non-PRO users ?

We can no longer share a dashboard with users from our own workspace. I received the message:

"This dashboard contains Power BI Pro content. Only users that have Power BI Pro will have access to it"


I confirmed my fears by publishing the simplest of reports which is 100% non-pro content. There have been a few other mentions of it on the forum in the past couple of hours, but I thought I'd create an official post. 


1st sharing was disabled from Group Workspaces to non-pro users. Surely Microsoft has accidentally disabled ALL sharing for non-pro users ? If not, you can imagine the uproar.


Is anybody else facing the same problem ? 


Power BI clearly states that we are able to share personal dashboards with non-pro users. 




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I took @jwatson05's advice and went ahead with the sharing anyway and it worked.


I too experienced the same thing @missiecyclone shared but upon refreshing the page, the dashboards worked normally for my colleague. But I did notice that the corresponding report and dataset were not present in my colleague's console. (I don't know if that's normal for a shared dashboard or not.) They were still able to access the report it just wasn't listed in the left side nav.

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We are getting the message at the top of the share dialog box that the report contains pro content (when it doesn't), but then you can go ahead and share to non-Pro users.  However, when the non-Pro users try to click on the link in the invite, the service gets stuck in an endless loop of re-directs, cycling through the sign-up dialog (even if they are already signed up), TOS acceptance, and then finally a message saying "Sorry, that didn't work.  There's a problem on our end.  We're working on it, so try again later."  Clicking on "Ok, got it" starts the whole process over.


Same thing happens when they just try to login directly from app., and go to non-Pro content that they have created.


Anyone else having this experience?











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I am having the same issue also.

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In my case non-Pro users are still being prompted to upgrade to Pro licenses as the dashboard or reports "contains Power BI Pro content", so the issue has not yet been resolved, IMO.

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Having the same problem, with no Pro content in my dashboard.

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I'm also having issues - Previously "Non Pro" dashboard, which has not been modified in any way since yesterday, now has the "Pro" banner. Hopefully this is, as mentioned, just a bug which will be fixed quickly .. and not Microsoft changing their terms again to try to sell more Pro licenses.

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I am also having this issue with not being able to share a dashboard beacuse it says it contains Pro Content wwhen it actually has none.

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We noticed the same issue - definitely alarming, but our users haven't had any problems viewing existing shared dashboards. I've also been able to publish and share a new one without issue.

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5/1: I no longer get a warning about Pro content but I am still unable to share. No "Share" button appears.


We are also having this issue; these are new dashboards that I'm trying to share for the first time. This is also the first time I've tried to share anything. I have a Free license and the "Share" button simply isn't there. An associate of mine who has a Pro license does see the share button. I also have a notification that I am using Pro content but it doesn't appear I have Pro content, especially since all the content was created with my Free license.

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Same problem. Just enrolled for a 60-day trial version yesterday, and there have been no changes to the actual content of the dashboard for a while.