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Dashboard shared for users outside of organisations is null

Hi all.

From yesturday users outside of organisation see null dashboards with only the Q&A section. Any suggestions how I can fix this?



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Someone, help plz...


Hi @Alex1,


I have submitted this issue to the Product Team: CRI 52000822. I will post the latest news in time.


Best Regards!


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Helper V

Got same issue blank dashboards under new invitation routine for external domain consumers with Pro License account in Trial mode.


Further Information:

It seems users already accessing this dashboard externally (via shared email from microsoft) Can still access content without any issues.

Only new sharing recipents under "new invitation routin" seem to have this problem. I know this as I tried to re-share the same dashboard again to an external domain account and this now this account is also giving the same Q&A page and missing shared dashboard.


Please let us know any further steps I should try to resolve the issue:

  • I have tried rebooting computer
  • Trying microsoft email from various computers
  • Clearing broswer history etc
  • Changing broswers (Firefox - Q&A only, Chrome Q&A only, Edge - states something went wrong)


Blank Dashboard with Q&A onlyBlank Dashboard with Q&A onlyMS Edge Browser ErrorMS Edge Browser Error

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I'm getting the same issue.  External people with Power BI Pro that I shared a dashboard to a couple of weeks ago are still able to view the content.  Newer sharees are not.  This is the error:




2017-11-21 16_37_42-Clipboard.png


Hi All,


I have gotten responses from Product Team. A new feature has been introduced. Please refer to: power-bi-expands-access-to-intelligence-for-external-guest-users/.


The workaround at this moment is to

1. Grant the external user a pro license, OR

2. The external user purchase a pro license.


Best Regards!


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External users already has pro licence (pro trial). So the problem is in trial?

Helper V

It seems to work if you add the external domain to the access options under the Update App button in right hand corner. once you give permission to the external email address to access the Content Pack app the user can now see the dashboards...


Previously the service, didnt let you add an external email to this section...

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Can you publish screenshot how to do it? I add external e-mail as workspace member, but still i dont see dashboards.

Helper V

Do you have an app published? or just sharing work space it may be different. But i can see an update app!


So click on APP Workspace and NOT MY WORKSPACE and then update app in right hand corner


APP WorkspaceAPP Workspace