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Dashboard links to workspace / jumps out of APP

We observed that today all tiles on dashboards redirect to report out of the APP instead of redirecting to the report in the APP.
For end users the navigation pane of the app disappears and the link changes to instead of 


Users still have access to the report, but when sharing the URL of course it no longer works... 


This happens across all our APPs and we could not isolate it to a specific report.


Can you help`?

Status: New
Regular Visitor

@v-chuncz-msft Functionality is back again 😊: thanks!

Helper I
Helper I

What a nice morning to see all the confirmations that the functionality is back again 😁 Same for our tenant on Canada Central.  Thank you!

Regular Visitor

This problem continue in Chile, please i need your help

New Member

Experiencing the same issue, even when using "image" tiles

Advocate I

Experiencing the same problem in North Europe.

Tiles in app with link to reports open in workspace. But not always - one day it is working, later the same day it is not working.