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Dashboard links to workspace / jumps out of APP

We observed that today all tiles on dashboards redirect to report out of the APP instead of redirecting to the report in the APP.
For end users the navigation pane of the app disappears and the link changes to instead of 


Users still have access to the report, but when sharing the URL of course it no longer works... 


This happens across all our APPs and we could not isolate it to a specific report.


Can you help`?

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Helper I

Leaving the App experience and losing the App left navigation is a really terrible design.  Navigating Apps, Workspaces, Shared with Me, etc., is confusing enough for our usres, now you introduce this unusual hop outside of the App experience, that isn't quite the Workspace experience either.  It's like you are sending users to limbo.  Please fix this!  

Frequent Visitor

Same problem here in Canada. Getting out of the App while clicking on a visual in the app dashboard does not give the integrated experience we were looking while creating the App. 

Please, this bug needs to be fixed ASAP

Regular Visitor

Something has just happened. I have been experiencing this problem for the last couple of weeks in NZ. And it was stilling happening this morning (NZT). But now (4 hours later) it is working as before. 

Frequent Visitor

Thanks @SSmithTGH for the headsup!


I have just tested my end, it is back to normal! Not sure if the Power BI team has made the change or it just happens magically! Hope it stays this way!

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I just tested ours and it is still jumping out of the app. I must say the communication on this from MS has not been stellar.

Helper I

Same here, still jumping out of the app. We also have an issue with formatted titles of pinned dashboard tiles not updating. Not sure if this is related or not. 

Helper I
Helper I

Still happenning here - our tenant is on Canada Central.  Tried in IE, Chrome and Edge just in case.  Same issue everywhere.  Please fix.

Frequent Visitor

Still happening with us as well.  Our tenant is in Virginia.  Please corect this as soon as possible, as its having an adverse effect on our customers, and the workaround provided is not viable in the long term.

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By my test, this is fixed in Service version13.0.15302.46. You may check it again.

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@v-chuncz-msft indeed, the functionality is back to normal. Hope it stays that way 😉 thanks a lot!