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Dashboard links to workspace / jumps out of APP

We observed that today all tiles on dashboards redirect to report out of the APP instead of redirecting to the report in the APP.
For end users the navigation pane of the app disappears and the link changes to instead of 


Users still have access to the report, but when sharing the URL of course it no longer works... 


This happens across all our APPs and we could not isolate it to a specific report.


Can you help`?

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I have only discovered this issue when a staff member emailed a screen shot as I couldn't understand where she was referring to, and I was quite shocked to see that she was in the Workspace instead of the App!


I really hope MS can resolve this issue ASAP.....

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@v-chuncz-msft If it is by design, than the design has changed since last week. The main issue is that now you can't use a dashboard in an app for navigation purposes any more! Selecting a tile on the dashboard takes you out of the app into a workspace, losing the app navigation functionality and confusing the end-user.
I have also noticed that drillthough from one report to another report in the same app doesn't work when opening a report via a dashboard tile in an app. Going out of the app into the workspace (the new (?) design), you lose the drillthrough functionality (no more 'analyze' option when right clicking). This forced me to remove the dashboard from my app. Hopefully we can return to the previous design asap.

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Hi @v-chuncz-msft,

The scenario my organisation has encoutnered is exactly the same as described by other users, dashboard tiles that have been used as a navigation aid are now directing users to the workspace, rather than keeping them within the app.

Dashboards never have behaved in this way, and neither should they (why would you want an end user to be able to skip out of an app to the workspace?). So yes to reconfirm what other users have stated above this is 100% a business critical bug that needs to be resolved as a priority.

Hope everyone is well in this weird old world.

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Same thing here... we are using the dashboards within the app to provide additonal navigation to the various reports within the app.  We pin a report visual to the dashboard to provide the links back into the report.

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Good Morning, we opened a premier support ticket and I met with MS on Tuesday afternoon to walk through this.  The dashboard click is not leaving the APP and the update is considered an enhancement.  I explained to the support person that it has created a lot of confusion and is causing a poor user experience.  The whole purpose of publishing to the APP is to create a central spot for analytics and easy navigation between dashboards and more detailed report content.  She collected our navigation logs and is taking it back to the team for review.

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@jrussell0917 thanks for the update! I totally agree, at least some kind of message or awareness would have been useful. Further, the link in the browser bar redirects to a workspace. Thus, if you drop the link from your broswer to a colleague, it will never work... hope MS will revert this

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@Anonymous they responded saying it's not leaving the APP, said they can't replicate how I say it worked previously and asked for screen shots of the old navigation way.... 🙄  How do they not know how their product works/worked a week ago!?  So frustrating....

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Hello, I also opened a premier ticket and was able to speak with a support representative this morning. They are calling this an enhancement which I find to be very misleading. Why would you bother creating an app if you want people to open things in the workspace. We feel this is a bug that needs to be addressed immediately. 


I was given a work around but again we don't feel this is logical or a viable solution. To change the behavior you need to open the tile in the workspace and click the elipse on the tile and select Edit details. You can then select Set Custom Link on the right and enter the link to the report where you want it to open. You would have to do this for every tile. We have hundreds of tiles so this will not work. In addition, you would have to remember to do that every time you edit the report.


I have asked to have this elevated and I would like to speak with a supervisor to pursue this further. I will update this when I have more information.

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Hi all


We will open a ticket as well to increase awareness (hopefully). I can't believe that this is considered an enhancement. If I navigate to report page(s) manually in the APP, it retains the custom navigation in the APP. The redirect out of the app really only happens with tiles on a dashboard. The current setup is simply inconsistent with the bahviour of the rest of the application.

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Thanks everybody for opening support tickets on this issue.  Setting a custom link to go to the report is not a good work around.  Yes, you get to the report (within the app) - but you end up on the first page of the report - not on the page where the visual is in the report. 


Tell that to an exec..  your fancy dashboard that provides a nice overall summary where you can click on a chart and get to the detailed information... yeah... well... uh... now you're just going to have to go search for it somewhere in this 20 page report or maybe it is in this other 15 page report.  Good luck with that...