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Dashboard dark theme broken for matrix and tables

We are facing issues for custom dark theme reports where matrix or table visual is completely blank but works fine in the desktop. 


Is anyone facing this issue?




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I am facing the same issue. Not sure it is related to theme but possibly.


I have found a workaround of sorts but only works for some of my reports.


  • Turn on the ability to customise the visual in the service
  • On one of the tables that is not displaying, customise and change it to a graph (this should cause it to display data)
  • Click 'Reset to default' at the top of the page.


Again, this has only worked for some of my reports. The reports I have hosted in a premium environment are not fixed by this method.


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Also, when exporting to PDF, the report and table visual displays correctly.

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Same issues here. 


Filters aren't working as well. Other visualisation types seems to be fine. 


Matrix and filters were showing at the first glance and disappeared after navigating to other tab or filter things down. 



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Yes also seeing the same issue and using the same dark theme.




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Hello, we are facing the same issues. Someone have news? 

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I've resolved this by amending the json. I don't know a lot about the structure of these theme files but this appears to work for me.

line 13 is a fontColor array - 


"fontColor": [
              { "solid": { "color": "#FFFFFF" } },
              { "solid": { "color": "#FFFFFF" } }


replace this to a single element -  

"fontColor": { "solid": { "color": "#FFFFFF" } },


just feeding this through the reports, not found any issues so far.



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I don't think this is just for dark themed reports - we are seeing the same thing and do not uese these themes. 

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Yes even am facing this issue ..using this same theme table visual is displaying blank.


You can run into this issue if you have a malformed custom theme file.  If you are running into this issue, can you post or link to your complete theme file JSON?  I see "osme" found how you can fix bad theme files.  🙂


^ as you can see from the link, propertyValue should never be an array.  It should either be a number, boolean, string, or a color definition.  We're in the process of rolling out a fix to revert our stricter parsing logic this week, but theme files can be fixed immediately to mitigate this issue.

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same issue. Who could help!