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Dashboard dark theme broken for matrix and tables

We are facing issues for custom dark theme reports where matrix or table visual is completely blank but works fine in the desktop. 


Is anyone facing this issue?




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Hi @emmazj83 ,


@yelper  summed up the issue pretty well.


Try changing the theme (try a default one) for the  report with the issue and see if the visuals render correctly.

I have done this on some reports today and it has solved the problem for me.

Or wait for the "fix" they are rolling out. Although, for piece of mind, I'm in favour of using a theme that has a JSON format that is acceptable to this release to avoid issues further down the track.



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Same here, though we do not work with the dark theme, but with the bright one. Switching from a table to a matrix sometimes fixes the problem.

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The problem seems to be fixed right now. Can anyone confirm?

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Hi everyone,


That seems to work fine for me. You may try the latest version to republish the report.

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Change the First-Level Elements to Black or a dark color.


Customize current theme -> Name and text -> Advanced -> First-Level Elements