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Dashboard Subscriptions Not sending all reprots



I have created a dashboard that I am trying to get a subscription set up for. There are about 15 reports in the dashboard. 


When the subscription is received (once daily at 9 am), it only has a few reports fully loaded and a handful of others partially loaded, and about half of the entire dashboard does not come through at all.


Is there a solution or workaround for this issue? (aside from creating smaller dashboards)


Additionally - is there a way to receive PDF's of each report in a dashboard via subscription instead of only one .png?


Any insight is appreciated!





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@MikeNiemi_MMM ,

Could you please tell us which type of visuals are not shown in the subscription email? Do you pin live page to the dashboard? Please check that if you hit the limitations described in this article.

In addition, you are able to export to PDF from report section, but the feature is not available in dashboard, there is an article for your reference.


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New Member

Thanks for the response!


I am working with Tables, Clustered Column Charts, Matrix, Text Boxes, images, and Line Charts.


The reports that contain these are all pined live to my dashboard. 


There is no consistency in which reports fail when the subscription of the dashboard is sent. However, after reading one of your articles you shared it sounds like Dashboards with over 25 pinned tiles, or 4 pinned live report pages, may not render fully in subscription e-mails sent to users. My issue is that I have 15 reports pinned live to my Dashboard. If this limit is could be extended it would be a good benefit.


After reading threads like the one below - it sounds like PDF's from subscription will be available at some point in the future.


Thank you for the help and insight!





@MikeNiemi_MMM ,

Based on your description, you pinned 15 live report pages to dashboard, in this case, you are hitting the limitations, please submit a feature request in Power BI ideas forum about this issue.