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Dashboard Subscription Email - Not All Visuals Showing



I m trying to send all my visuals (less than 25 tiles without any rawl level security) in a dashboard with a mail but when I receive it, there s big part of it greyed out and nothing displayed.


This mail supposed to be a morning mail for managementwith big tiles to see and understand easily.


Any chance someone knows anything about it?

Status: New
Community Support


Please check 

  • Dashboards with over 25 pinned tiles, or four pinned live report pages, may not render fully in subscription e-mails sent to users. We suggest that you contact the dashboard designer and ask them to reduce pinned tiles to less than 25 and pinned live reports to less than four to ensure that the email renders correctly.
  • Email subscriptions do not support most custom visuals. The exception is those Power BI custom visuals that have been certified.
  • Subscriptions may fail on dashboards or reports with extremely large images due to email size limits.


if still have problem, please share your screenshots.