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Dashboard Background Image Not Visible

I spoke with "Ask the Experts" at MBAS and they asked me to submit this as a bug.


I have a background image that I am storing in the Files section of my workspace in the Shared Documents library.

  1. Copy the image URL.
  2. Go to Dashboard Theme and change to Custom.
  3. Add the URL and Save.

The image does not display. The only way I can make it display is to open the URL directly in the browser, then go to the dashboard and refresh. This must be done on each browser.


Using the developer tools the Experts determined that Power BI was seeing the image as "Text/HTML" when not cached, and as a Document when cached.

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Community Support

Hi @Scott_BI,


Which image URL do you copy? Please click to open the report in your shared documents library, then click View original to get the actual image URL. 




Based on my test, with this actual image URL, the image can display as background of the dashboard fine. 





Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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I'm using the same link. It works fine once you open the image in the browser and then open the dashboard. Now that you are using the background image, reboot your machine and navigate to the dashboard again. The image will not appear.




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Hi Scott_BI,


Did you ever get any resolution on this one?  I'm experiencing something similar to what you describe but am having difficulty pinning down the exact workaround.


Any assistance greatly appreciated!



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leemoran, To my knowledge this has not been fixed. My workaround was to use a public location outside of SharePoint to host my images. Not at all ideal, but it's the best I could do not receiving any reply from Microsoft after my last comment.



This issue should has been fixed now. You can have a test when you are free.



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It looks like it works! Thank you!