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DAX Intellisense, October 2021 Update .

Hi All,
It does appear that the make over of the DAX editor is very unproductive when authoring code as the user now experiences giant pop ups appearing and obscuring large , if not all, of the preceding code in the editor window. It's very distracting for the user and increases the complexity of both writing and learning DAX which I am sure all will agree, is at the very heart of Power BI. I have many screenshots and can point you by way of example to many other users who share my opinions. Are there are any plans to change or modify this feature in a future release, as it has created a very poor impression of the product for new adopters trying to learn and execute the language of Power BI and a diminished user experience for long time users like myself.

We like the coloured font and could probably get used to the strange icons but we have to be able to see the code to enjoy and interact with the product. 


Please, let's have a rethink.

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It's a crazy UI, hope PBI could go back to the previous version

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With this latest update - when I work with PBI desktop on a remote desktop, I get an M-ish interface like:




But when I work in PBI desktop from my own computer, I get the normal DAX interface:



We've been trying to track down some kind of compatibility issue with the server - but sounds like this is being experienced widely? Are people also seeing the different behaviors when accessing different places?


Thank you!


PS - the RDP is on Windows Server 2012 R2


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This can't be right - this is an awful user experience - Please give us back our code!

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Sorry MS but it was the only way to go .... Give me a shout when you've got it sorted. Thanks.




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As mentioned in link below, there will be an update to October release later soon. You may post feedback there.

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Has that update REALLY solved the issue ? I have just used someone elses PC with the October update installed - not sure exactly what update at this stage but from my recent experience it was as poor a user experice as before I dropped the update and downgraded back to the September release - I also commented on this previously . My issue has now been marked as 'Delivered' but I am highly skeptical and so I have stayed with the September update - what gets me is the complete silence on this - there has been no mention of this intellisense disaster anywhere , why? They change a button and it's all over the place - change the intellisense and not even a passing remark. Sound and feels very odd to me.

Power BI Team

@CraigsterT could you please elaborate on what you're seeing? The two example issues below have been fixed. 





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Give me two mins Taylor I will take a screenshot of what I am getting and the update number, it may be the first October update .