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DAX IntelliSense October 2021 Crash

After the October 2021 Update, my existing report files are crashing whenever I try to view, edit or create a measure. The file freezes, can't click anything or anywhere in the whole app, together with the error message:




I noticed when creating a new file to check if the crash still happened, that the October 2021 Update now features IntelliSense for the DAX Formula Bar, so I'm wondering if that is causing incompatibility with my existing files? 



Status: Delivered
Power BI Team

We'll be releasing an update to October later this week which includes fixes for the issues reported on this thread up until this point.

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Hi there, 


I saw an update coming. The DAX Intellisense formula bar is working much better now. Also the icons are much more clear now. Thanks for the quick fix Power BI Team! 

Community Support



You may check the new release 2.98.1004.0.

Community Support
Status changed to: Delivered
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@v-chuncz-msft  It is working perfect now. Thanks!