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DAX IntelliSense October 2021 Crash

After the October 2021 Update, my existing report files are crashing whenever I try to view, edit or create a measure. The file freezes, can't click anything or anywhere in the whole app, together with the error message:




I noticed when creating a new file to check if the crash still happened, that the October 2021 Update now features IntelliSense for the DAX Formula Bar, so I'm wondering if that is causing incompatibility with my existing files? 



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same issue. with me also.. M language IntelliSense is showing in dax. dax formulae bar is completely changed. all the previous measures are getting crashed, unable to write measures using column names...

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Hi All,
Agreed , it does appear that the make over of the DAX editor is very unproductive when authoring code as the user now experiences giant pop ups appearing and obscuring large , if not all, of the preceding code in the editor window. it's very distracting for the user and increases the complexity of both writing and learning DAX which I am sure all will agree, is at the very heart of Power BI. I have many screenshots and can point you by way of example to many other users who share my opinions. Are there are any plans to change or modify this feature in a future release, as it has created a very poor impression of the product for new adopters trying to learn and execute the language of Power BI and a diminished user experience for long time users like myself.

Power BI Team

@jadimez @pmprasad (and any future readers) Could you message me directly with the information from "copy details" from the error dialog? If you could also share the exact DAX from the formula bar that's causing it, we should be able to get this fixed quite quickly. The updates to the overall look of the intelliense are intended, but certainly not any functional issues.

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You may try earlier versions from Power BI updates archive and share feedback via Ideas to help improve Power BI.

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The "updated look" to intellisense is horrible.   Difficult to read.   Takes up a huge amount of space.   

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I'm also not fan of the new DAX Formula bar. The icons look very confusing (why not using a table icon instead of the yellow hierachy icon?).


Intellisense is not always works the way it used to be. If I use CALCULATE and want to add a parameter the function (e.g.) FILTER is not recognized always. See screenshot below: 



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@v-chuncz-msft     C'mon Microsoft!     The other thing this issue causes is that you cannot see all of the field names when the formula gets close to the visulazations pane.   Ridiculous.   You can't even choose the right field, measure, etc...because you can't see what they say!  


Please, next time do more testing and don't release an update in the first 10 days of the month.   

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Same here, unable to select any column at all. Previous reports also crashed. Will this be fixed in Nov's update?

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Hi There,

Please don't mark this has new "IDEA" this is not an idea it is an Issue. After Oct release I am also unable to do any changes to report level measures due to new DAX-Intellisense.

Please look into it with priority, this is painful.

Possible Woraround:
So, If I do measure DAX editing in report in my extended display (monitor) the report crashes BUT if I do the same in my laptop screen(Primary monitor)  it works.
This is an unlikely workaround but it works for me. I hope this helps if you are facing Report crashing due to new DAX-Intellisense.