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DAX Formula produces wrong results

Hi Community,


when I create custom columns in Power Query, they produce different (wrong) results from when I create a measure that should result in the same result. 




I only have Actual costs per month, but I want to create a YTD column. My Measure would look like this: 




And the correct result:





Now, for various reasons, I need to have the YTD in columns in the datasource table, so I created custom columns in Power Query:




Not the most elegant method, but it should do the trick for now. I basically just sum the respective month per column. So for YTD February I sum January and February.


However, this is the result:



What could be the issue here? Any help is highly appreciated.

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First, Power Query is used to bring in source data and manipulate it for the data model. All calculations and transformations done in Power Query come into the data model as static values in Power BI. Calculated columns and measures do not flow backwards into Power Query.


and just from screenshots, we couldn't find the reason, could you please share your sample pbix file, that will be a great help.