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Customise PowerBi tab color

Hi All,


My customer found it's quite frustrating that he couldn't find which tab he is looking at.

He asked me whether it is possible to change the tab color so that it's more obvious for him to know which page he is looking at. 2017-10-11_11h18_30.png





In my desktop/server, it is quite obvious there's dark grey or light grey, but from my customer's screen, the color contract doesn't look too obvious. 


Is it possbile to cusotmise the color? Appreciate any help in this regard!




Status: Delivered

Hi @MyraMa,


It's not supported to customize report page tab color currently, for your requirement, please vote this idea: Report tab color.  


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Status changed to: Delivered
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Hi - this issue status says "Delivered".  I presume this means that the issue has been responded to, not that a solution has been delivered?

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Hi @Vicky_Song,

 Is the issue "Delivered" means it's added into the new release?


Thanks for your reply.